Water Drop


We all know Morgan Maassen is by no means your average surf photog but check this vid edit he put together of Travers Adler at Rincon with a seriously original soundtrack...classic!

wipes ’11

wind blasted

so incredibly frustrating when you have a shot in mind from the water but the wind is just out of control....it would have been perfect


Love shooting this critter-Chris Leppan-a little while before he snapped his board in half,god knows how in such small waves...

collected – Brendon Gibbens

Some days are just not worth shooting stills,enter the motion camera and some surfing footage (amongst others)  I shot for BG. He's got a classic eye and some editing skills to boot.....and  his surfing does the rest. There's just no getting around raw talent.....


Oz surf photog Maurice Smith

rolling retro ’12


chris leppan 18/01/12