Water Drop

Your world in a photo



The weather in KZN has been a bit odd lately. Some days you could’ve been forgiven for thinking you’d been miraculously teleported to Cape Town mid winter, the next you’re overwhelmed by the clammy humidity. There’s been lot’s of rain, and plenty of clouds, but no sunshine. For real, no sunshine, well not for sustained periods at least.

And all the while the surf’s been kind of iffy, sure there’s been a session here or there where you can get your hit of surf stoke, but for the most part it’s been slightly better than kak.

La Niña lies accused in this case of surfer vs mother nature, and although she pleads ‘not guilty’ on the grounds that she is simply trying to keep nature in balance, the fact still remains that surfers in KZN are in for a strange, and wet summer.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, Cape Town’s been experiencing weather patterns which are a lot more predictable for this time of the year. Mother city surfers have been getting showered in sunlight, and scoring a couple of waves too. If you’ve been on the east coast you’d say they’ve been blessed.

This was Beyrick de Vries at Llandudno yesterday, doing a little dance of joy while the KZN coast sulked.